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Corruption in Qld jails to be examined

Тюрьма в австралийском штате Квинсленд. Коррупция
Source: Courier Mail.

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Corruption in jails across Queensland will be examined by a task force set up by the state’s corruption watchdog.

The Crime and Corruption Commission will examine 14 prisons with a focus on the laws, policies and environments that enable corruption to happen.

“Taskforce Flaxton will identify ways to better prevent, detect and deal with corrupt conduct,” CCC head Alan MacSporran said.

“Ultimately, Taskforce Flaxton will improve safety for staff, prisoners and visitors in these facilities.”

Queensland Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Martin backed the investigation.

“It is a valuable process for us to have the CCC examine our processes and provide their expert advice as we build capacity and maturity,” he said.

If corruption or potential graft is identified, it will be followed up in separate investigations.

A report is expected to be tabled in parliament following the investigation.

A public hearing is expected to be held in May.