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Australian authorities investigate anti-corruption commission for first time in 30 years

The Queensland Commission on Crime and Corruption in Australia will be investigated by a Commission of Inquiry for the first time in 30 years after it cleared fraud charges against senior officials.

Nine News channel reports.

Commission chairman Alan McSporran had already resigned last week following the scandal over the dismissal of fraud charges. Earlier, the anti-corruption body charged against several former members of the Council of Queensland.

The commission’s investigation was initiated by the Parliamentary Crime and Corruption Committee.

Australian Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the investigation team against the anti-corruption commission would be led Tony Fitzgerald QC.

Fitzgerald is known for exposing systemic corruption in the state of Queensland in the 1980s. This led to the creation of the Commission on Crime and Corruption.

– For the first time in it’s 30 year history the Commission on Crime and Corruption itself is in need of investigation, – Palaszczuk said.