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South Korea: issued warrant for arrest of the head of Korean Air

Источник фото: Koogle TV

The South Korean prosecutor’s office issued an arrest warrant for the chairman of the board of directors of the flagship air carrier of Korean Air, Cho Yang-ho: he is accused of tax evasion and embezzlement.

Cho Yan-Ho is under investigation on suspicion that he evaded inheritance taxes of $ 61 million, Xinhua reports.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the chairman of the board of directors appropriated himself about $ 18 million, rewriting business contracts of companies controlled by his family. Chow was also charged with obtaining illegal profits from an underground pharmacy. The last point of the charges is the payment of family lawyers from the company’s funds.

The warrant for Cho’s arrest was issued two weeks after the South Korean court rejected a request to arrest his wife Lee Myung-hee on numerous charges, including an attack on employees and illegal hiring of foreign domestic workers. In recent months, Cho’s two daughters also fell under suspicion and were questioned by the police.

One of the daughters of Chho Heather in 2014 “lit up” in a scandalous story. The girl made a scandal on board the Korean Air plane because the stewardess gave her nuts in a package, not a plate. Because of her, Seoul-New York flight was delayed, and the senior flight attendant was removed from the flight. After that, she was sued. Choo Heather was sentenced to a year in prison. But in March 2018, she returned to the leadership position in Korean Air.

Cho denies his guilt on all counts. It is expected that he will be brought to trial within a week.