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Deputy head of Odessa region administration to be convicted for $10,000 bribe.

A criminal case against the deputy head of the Odessa regional military administration has been referred to court. The man is accused of taking a bribe of 10,000 dollars.

The Telegram channel of the Office of the Prosecutor-General of Ukraine reports.

According to the investigation, in March this year, the accused and his assistant received 10,000 dollars in two instalments. In exchange, they promised to influence the head of the utility company to hire an employee. In addition, they were supposed to negotiate with the judges to make a decision.

The media claim that the case concerns Igor Tkachuk.

Earlier, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced mass dismissals due to corruption. The purges will take place in the power and bureaucratic apparatus.

After coming to power in 2019, Zelensky announced the fight against corruption, which is necessary for Ukraine to join the European Union.