Zimbabwe: $ 60 million for the fight against coronavirus involved in corruption of the Minister of health

Zimbabwe’s health Minister was released from custody on Saturday on bail after being arrested the day before on corruption charges related to the illegal purchase of COVID-19 medical equipment, reports The New Delhi Times. 

James Mutizwa, lawyer for health Minister Obediah Moyo, told reporters on Saturday outside the magistrates ‘ court in Harare: “Bail was granted. He’s on bail. No comments. Thanks.”

Moyo faces three charges of criminal abuse of office as a public official in connection with the purchase of $ 60 million worth of materials to fight COVID-19 in Zimbabwe.

After the arrest, a group of doctors said they were concerned about the misuse of COVID-19 funds.

Dr Niika Mahati, President of the Zimbabwe College of public health physicians, said: “This is an unfortunate event. As an apolitical Association, we are interested in public health to ensure the transparent and fair use of resources allocated to respond to COVID-19, health services, or public services in General. … What we look forward to is a full understanding of the investigation into what really happened to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice, whoever they are.”

Since coming to power in 2017, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he is committed to fighting corruption that was linked to top officials in the government of his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe.

Secretary of the Ministry of information Nick Mangwana issued a statement on Saturday: “The biggest mistake I can make as a public servant is to doubt President Mnangagwa’s commitment to fighting graft. He made it clear that we are not immune from prosecution, and no one will be immune from having their day in court.”

Moyo is expected to return to court this month when he can set a trial date.

Early the Zimbabwe anti-corruption Commission (ZACC) has fully resigned. President Mnangagwa accepted the resignation of the Chairman of the Zimbabwe anti-corruption Commission.

In addition, the authorities of Zimbabwe suspected the wife of the former President of the country of links with poachers and smugglers who illegally extract and export ivory from the country. The reason for the investigation was the discovery of a wildlife photographer, who found evidence of communication between friends of grace Mugabe (Grace Mugabe) with criminals.