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Former President of Argentina Kirchner for the second time was in court in the case of money laundering

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Former President of Argentina Christina Kirchner again appeared in court on Monday, September 3, in the case of”driver’s notebooks”. She again declared the non-participation in corruption cases.

The investigation concerns the discovered “driver’s notebooks” by Oscar Senteno, from which it is alleged that the Kirchner party received bribes in exchange for encouraging certain companies to obtain state contracts, europapress reports.

The former President did not answer any questions and limited herself to presenting a document in which she reboots those who “clumsily” seek to “divert public attention” from the “political, economic and social fiasco,” and even cited an example of her argument about the currency’s fall, reports . In this regard, she assured that the case had no “legal content” and was based on “simple photocopies made against the will of a man who is now known.
Earlier, the former President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner has already declared her innocence. This time, Fernandez de Kirchner called the judge an “enemy” who is hiding behind this case at all costs, and also questions the testimony of repentant people who agreed to cooperate with the authorities in exchange for possible benefits. “Even during the Inquisition did not dare to do this,” said the former President.

The investigation believes that the former President took part in a criminal scheme that allowed the entrepreneur Lasaro Baez to launder funds stolen from the budget. For the period from 2010 to 2013 was laundered, according to the investigation, at least $ 60 million.

As a result, the court decided to summon Christina Fernandez to court to testify on September 18.

Fernandez is currently being prosecuted in five cases, mostly due to corruption, and will face her first trial in February. So, the former President is accused, in particular, of participation in criminal conspiracy for the purpose of plunder of budgetary funds, of participation in frauds in the Central Bank of Argentina and preventing investigation of the act of terrorism which occurred in Buenos Aires in 1994.