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Ex-Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has pleaded not guilty

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The former President of Argentina Christina Kirchner declared the full non-participation in the corruption scheme which reveals in “notebooks of the driver”.

The ex-President appeared before the court in Buenos Aires, but refused to speak. Instead, she said in a written statement that the accusations of Federal judge Claudio Bonadio, on which her subpoena for testimony is based, are false and politically motivated, Tribtown reports.

At the moment, 15 people have been arrested in this case, including business leaders of construction companies and former officials who worked in the administration of Christina fernández de Kirchner in 2007-2015.

The case is based on the results of the investigation of the newspaper La Nacion: August 1, the publication published data collected by the driver of the Ministry of planning Oscar senteno. One of the journalists of the publication in January 2018 was able to obtain documents, including notebooks senteno. After processing the data, it turned out that the driver recorded all the information about the amounts of money he was carrying in 2005-2015. In notebooks senteno wrote down everything: names, sums and addresses where he delivered money. According to the data taken from these notebooks, it follows that the cash was brought to the presidential residence of QUINTA de Olivos and the private house of ex-President Cristina Kirchner and several business leaders. Kirchner must appear before the court for questioning on August 13. In the records of Centeno says that within 10 years, was transferred 56 million dollars.

As stated in the records referred to private address Fernandez and the presidential residence. Currently, the former President holds the post of Senator, so she is granted immunity from prosecution. However, this scandal may reduce her chances if she again runs for President in the elections next year.

This criminal case was publicized in the headlines and compared to operation car Wash, which revealed corruption schemes worth billions of dollars, and as a result in prison were the most influential business leaders in Brazil, as well as former President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva.

After leaving office, Fernandez was also charged with money laundering, possible illicit enrichment and fraud. In December, judge Claudio Bonadio asked Argentine lawmakers to lift her immunity to allow her to be arrested on a number of charges. Bonadio must decide in the coming days whether he will again ask legislators to lift immunity from Fernandez.

In his statement, Fernandez accused bonadio of being an “enemy judge” who had tried to bring five criminal cases against Her since leaving office.

“Today Bonadio again asks me to testify, accusing me of being the head of a new illegal Association. This time with construction business leaders,” Fernandez said.

Earlier, the former President was accused, in particular, of participating in a criminal conspiracy to steal budget funds, of involvement in fraud in the Central Bank of Argentina and preventing the investigation of the terrorist attack that occurred in Buenos Aires in 1994.