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In the house of former President of Argentina Kirchner found a dossier on businessmen

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Last week, as part of the investigation of corruption in the house of former President of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner were searched. During the events, the dossiers on businessmen and spies were found. Relatives of the former head of state accuse the police that the house could steal things that are not related to the investigation.

According to investigators, during her tenure as President, Fernandez herself and her late husband Nestor Kirchner, there was a corruption chain: “bags of cash” were transferred to a number of officials in exchange for public contracts from 2005 to 2015. The private address of Fernandez and the presidential residence were allegedly among the places where the money was delivered.

Under the plea agreement, some businessmen confessed to receiving a bribe, and so far at least 16 people have been arrested in this case. These include construction company executives and former officials who worked in the Fernandez administration for 2007-2015.

In this case, the house of the current Senator Christina Fernández de Kirchner was searched. Investigators are interested in a hiding place in the basement of the house of politician in the city of El Calafate. There were found several records: the cache contained information about the businessman Francisco de Narvaez, the financier Frederico Alaskari, one of the former heads of counter-intelligence James Stiso and his assistant Pedro vial. There were also found transcripts of telephone conversations of the canadian mining company Barrick Gold, transfers of the scandal of corruption around the Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras and data on banking operations of various companies.

Meanwhile, as reported on the official website of Senator Kirchner, her relatives were poisoned by an unknown substance after a search of her homes, and also found that things could be stolen, unrelated to the investigation. The statement denied the presence in the homes of the former head of Argentina documents that may have illegal origin.

Currently, the former President holds the post of Senator, so she is granted immunity from prosecution. However, this scandal may reduce her chances if she again runs for President in the elections next year. Earlier, the former President was accused, in particular, of participating in a criminal conspiracy to steal budget funds, of involvement in fraud in the Central Bank of Argentina and preventing the investigation of the terrorist attack that occurred in Buenos Aires in 1994.