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Ex-President of Argentina de Kirchner was accused of money laundering through the ” family firm”

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Former Argentine President Christina Kirchner and her two children Florence and MAXIMO Kirchner will face trial on charges of money laundering through a family-owned real estate company in the South of the country.

Former President Cristina Kirchner and her two children, MAXIMO and Florence Kirchner, will be prosecuted for money laundering in another case of corruption in Argentina, reports Argentina Reports.

Kristina Kirchner had previously been summoned to an oral hearing by judge Claudio Bonadio in connection with the publication of  “driver’s notebooks” , which became the basis for a possible accusation of the ex-President in the leadership of a corruption organization for 10 years.

However, the new subpoena relates to the Kirchner-owned real estate Agency and the Los Sauces hotel company, which, according to judge Julian Ercolini, is a cover for the money laundering organization. Kristina and her two children are charged with both money laundering and receiving illegal funds.

The case was under investigation, but now Ercolini accepted it closed at the request of prosecutors and began to organize trials and collect evidence. It had been decided that the Federal Tribunal would hold five court hearings and that organization would make the final decision in that case.

Los Sauces is a company created by the Kirchners to receive funds. According to investigators, the company bought more than 10 apartments, houses, hotels and land, and then managed to launder money through them, charging a fake rent through entrepreneurs Cristobal Lopez and Lasaro Baez. Both of them are now in prison on charges of corruption. Investigators believe that Kirschner herself and her husband, also the former President of Argentina,could profit from these operations. Baez completely denies his guilt.

Previously, Cristina Kirchner has been accused of participating in a criminal conspiracy to steal budget funds, involvement in fraud in the Central Bank of Argentina and preventing the investigation of the terrorist attack. Judge Bonadio addressed to senators with the request to deprive the ex-President of immunity in order to put her into custody pending trial, but the Senate so far has refused this on the grounds that it has no formal charges, and that her freedom would not threaten the ongoing investigation.