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Ex-President of Peru is not released in the United States for medical examination

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Judge Juan Carlos Sanchez Balbuena of the Third anti-corruption investigation court rejected the request of former President Pedro Pablo Kucinski to travel to the United States to undergo a medical examination on 6 August.

According to the judge, the petition of the ex-President can not be approved because it negates the previous decision on the ban to leave the country for 18 months, which was issued in March this year, Elcomercio reports.

Former President Cesar Nakazaki’s lawyer presented a medical document stating that the former head of state should be examined for a heart operation. The doctor who conducted the examination in Peru indicated in his report that the former President must undergo a medical examination in the same clinic where he had been treated since 2003.

However, for Prosecutor José Domingo Perez, this document did not become an argument. In addition, he considered it suspicious that his colleague, the Prosecutor Marcial Pachar did not object to this request and did not ask for the intervention of medical experts. So he called for an investigation.

In addition, the Prosecutor Peres believed that the protection of the ex-President inadequately supported the request of Kuchinski to leave and did not organize a serious examination, which would confirm the need for the former President’s appeal for medical care in the United States.

We will remind, on March 21, 2018 Kuczynski resigned from the post of President of Peru. The next day, the Prosecutor’s office demanded that an investigation be initiated against him in connection with the illegal receipt of his company Westfield Capital more than $ 3 million.

On 24 March, the court approved a request by the Prosecutor’s office to ban Kuchinski from leaving the country for 18 months.