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Ex-Vice mayor of Tianjin punished for excessive love of Golf

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Because of the frequent Golf game, Chen Zhifeng, the former Vice mayor of the Central city of Tianjin, is punished for breaking the rules of economy and abuse of power. He’s been demoted, and his illegal income has been confiscated.

Chen broke the party’s saving rules by playing Golf many times, even after the 18th national Congress of the Communist party of China (CPC), which took place in late 2012, according to the CPC Central Commission on discipline checks (CCDI), Xinhua reports.

In 2012, China introduced “eight rules” to improve the conduct of officials, including bans on overspending. The Chinese authorities have decided to reduce unwanted working methods and maintain close ties with the masses, including demands for thrift. Now subjected to censure a certain way of life, which include Golf, clubbing and holding expensive banquets.

Chen also violated working protocols and rules in making key decisions and approving government projects, which caused huge damage to the public interest, the CCDI statement said.

He was punished, “a two-year trial membership in the party”, is the second largest of the seriousness of the party and the disciplinary punishment of expulsion from the party. According to the CCDI statement, he was also demoted and his illegal income confiscated.

President XI Jinping launched a large-scale campaign to eradicate corruption immediately after coming to power more than six years ago, dozens of high-ranking officials were imprisoned. Earlier this month, he warned that the fight against corruption was not yet over, as the Communist party was still riddled with “impure thinking, impure politics, impure organization, and impure working styles.”

The Central Commission of the CPC on discipline inspection regularly publishes data and details about officials, regional and municipal officials, employees of state companies who violated the “eight rules”. Over the past five years, more than 1.53 million members of the Chinese Communist party at various levels have been punished for violations.