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China: 37 thousand officials punished for waste

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The Central Commission of the CPC on discipline inspection reported on the results of its work in the first half of 2018: 36 thousand 618 people were punished for violating the strict rules of thrift of the Communist party, including one official at the Minister’s level was punished.

The CPC Central Commission on discipline inspection said the most common misdemeanors among government officials were the award of unauthorized bonuses, the exchange of gifts, and the abuse of state-owned vehicles, CNBC reports.

In 2012, China introduced “eight rules” to improve the conduct of officials, including bans on overspending.

President XI Jinping launched a large-scale campaign to eradicate corruption immediately after coming to power more than six years ago, dozens of high-ranking officials were imprisoned. Earlier this month, he warned that the fight against corruption was not yet over, as the Communist party was still riddled with “impure thinking, impure politics, impure organization, and impure working styles.”

The Central Commission of the CPC on discipline inspection regularly publishes data and details about officials, regional and municipal officials, employees of state companies who violated the “eight rules”. Over the past five years, more than 1.53 million members of the Chinese Communist party at various levels have been punished for violations.

At last year’s party Congress, the organizers said that now there will be no extravagant flower arrangements, expensive products at banquets, such as sea cucumber, or fruit, as in previous years. Chinese state media reported that nearly 200 Golf courses and hundreds of misused government agencies have been closed.