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FIFA continues to shake the corruption scandals

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Corruption scandals in FIFA do not subside: the head of the football Union of the Dominican Republic Osiris Guzman received a “ban” on football activities for 10 years. Former President of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) Michel Platini decided to go to court to prove that he was a victim of a conspiracy in FIFA.

The Commission on ethics FIFA imposed a ten-year ban on football on the head of the football Union of the Dominican Republic Osiris Guzman. In its statement, FIFA said that Guzman was found guilty of bribery, offering and accepting gifts, as well as participating in a conflict of interest. He also was fined 131 million euros, according to lesoir.

Guzman, a member of the FIFA competition organizing Committee, also received a temporary ban seven years ago because of the corruption scandal surrounding former FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam.

Former UEFA President Michel Platini decided to defend his good name, by filing a lawsuit in France to prove that former FIFA officials conspired to remove him from football activities. Platini filed a complaint of “slanderous denunciation”and” criminal conspiracy to slanderous denunciation.”

Platini was disqualified by FIFA in 2015 for improper financial conduct in respect of a $ 2 million payment authorized by former FIFA President Josep Blatter. In may, Swiss Federal prosecutors confirmed that he was not charged with investigating possible financial offences. Since September 2015, he has had the status of “between a witness and an accused” in the criminal proceedings instituted against Blatter.

Platini wants to know how the payment information was passed on to Swiss prosecutors, and believes that this was the result of an internal leak as part of a strategy to ensure that he was not elected President of FIFA.