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In Peru, a bill that will release the ex-President from prison

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The Peruvian Congress voted in favour of a bill that would allow prisoners over the age of 65 to serve their sentences under house arrest and electronic surveillance. The adoption of this law may make it possible for former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori not to return to prison.

55 deputies voted for the bill, 30-against, and two abstained. It provides an opportunity for the 80-year-old ex-head of state to avoid returning to prison. According to the law, Fujimori will be able to apply for a transfer to house arrest instead of jail time. Earlier, the Supreme court of Peru decided to return the former President because of violations found in the process used for pardon, which was granted to him, Telesur TV reports.

The bill was presented and approved with votes from the party “people’s force”, whose head is the daughter of Alberto Fujimori – Keiko Fujimori. By the way, she herself had recently been arrested in connection with the investigation of money-laundering and the financing of illegal campaigns. The “people’s force” currently holds a majority in the Peruvian Parliament.

By adopting such a law, Congress is trying to legislate a ” regime of humane execution of punishments for the elderly and people with severe disabilities who are imprisoned.” The bill also provides for the mandatory wearing of an electronic surveillance device and limited mobility for any convicted person subject to the act.

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President Martin Vizcarra must either allow the bill to be passed or return it to Congress, citing non-compliance with international law after considering the details.

Under the bill, prisoners “who have served one third of their sentence” or are over 75 years of age and suffering from a “serious or chronic confirmed illness” may apply for clemency.

However, while the bill may provide for virtually a pardon for Fujimori, not all prisoners of that age will benefit from the measure. The bill excludes persons accused of terrorism, treason, murder, drug trafficking, as well as membership in a criminal organization.

“If I go back to prison, my heart won’t tolerate it, too weak to go through the same thing,” the ex – President said.

In early October, the country’s Supreme court overturned Alberto Fujimori’s pardon, and he was taken to hospital by ambulance. The decision on pardon was made by the former President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

In 2009, the former Peruvian leader was sentenced to 25 years in prison. In particular, the court found evidence of the politician’s involvement in the murders of 15 people in Barrios Altos district in November 1991, as well as in the kidnapping and murder of nine students and a Professor at the University Of La Cantuta in July 1992. The ex-President was also convicted in a number of cases related to corruption and embezzlement of state funds.