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Madagascan president’s chief of staff extorted bribe from British miners to secure license

British law enforcement agencies have arrested the head of the presidential administration of Madagascar in London. The official is accused of extorting a bribe in exchange for issuing a license to the British mining company Gemfields.

Reuters reports with reference to the UK National Crime Agency (NCA).

British security forces have arrested Romi Andrianarisoa, head of the administration of Madagascar President Andry Rajouelin, along with her French partner, Philippe Tabuto, at a meeting in London.

The investigation believes Andrianarisoa and Tabuto extorted £225,000 ($285,000) and a 5% stake in mining company Gemfields in exchange for a license to operate in the African island nation.

Andrianarisoa and Tabuto will remain in pre-trial detention on 8 September.

British mining company Gemfields owns the Faberge jewelry brand and mines rubies and emeralds in southern Africa.