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Spain revealed the assets of its Ministers against the backdrop of the fight against corruption

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The Spanish government has made public the assets of more than a thousand high-ranking officials, including 38 current and former Ministers, in an effort to increase transparency in the government.

The list published in the official newspaper included three millionaire Ministers in the Spanish Cabinet.

Chief on the list was the foreign Minister, Josep Borrell, who announced assets of € 2.77 million. It was followed by the Minister of education and government spokesman Isabel Chela, with a reported income of 1.62 million euros, DW reports.

“This government is really moving forward on the path of transparency, which it believes is the only way to promote democracy,” Kelaa said on Friday when the publication of this list was announced.

Another millionaire on the list was science Minister Pedro dooke, a former astronaut, with assets of about 1.5 million euros. Dooke is accused of not paying taxes for two houses, he denies any wrongdoing.

Series of corruption charges

Dooke’s Cabinet officer Dolores Delgado, who heads the Ministry of justice, is also in the spotlight for a meeting with a former police chief accused of corruption. The meeting was revealed in a leaked recording of her conversations with the officer.

In June, culture and sports Minister Maxim Huerta resigned within days of Prime Minister Pedro sánchez’s coming to power after it was revealed that he was fined for tax evasion when he was a TV presenter 10 years ago.

Earlier this month, health Minister Carmen Monton resigned from his post after reports of violations in the master’s degree.

Sanchez came to power in June after his predecessor Mariano Rajoy lost confidence in Parliament after a corruption scandal in which officials of his people’s party (PP) were seen.

The Prime Minister himself, Sanchec declared assets amounting to 343 thousand euros and loan commitments in the amount of 192 thousand euros. Rajoy has € 1.54 million in declared assets.