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China: disclosed data of 50 corrupt officials, hiding in other countries


The Chinese authorities have released information about corrupt officials hiding in other countries and asked the public for help in finding them.

Central coordinating unit of China anti-corruption information was published about 50 persons hiding from justice of China. They are suspected of official or economic crimes. Their names, photos and even possible whereabouts, gender, passport numbers, previous positions, the date of escape from China and the alleged crimes of former officials were presented to the public court, globaltimes reports.

The communication indicates that 23 persons may be wanted in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. In addition, information is disclosed about the streets where fugitives can live, most of whom are suspected of corruption, bribery or theft. 21 of them are wanted for more than 10 years.

Central coordinating unit of China’s anti-corruption expects help from the public, this was even launched a web site which takes information about the fugitives. Chinese officials promised to ensure the safety of informants.

This is the second time the Group has published such information. Previously, information was disclosed about 22 fugitives who are in the” red list ” of Interpol. Six of the fugitives surrendered to the police so far.

Anti-corruption operation Sky Net in China captured 4 thousand 141 people who left China for more than 90 countries and returned almost 10 billion Yuan (1.56 billion dollars) at the end of April. Among them, 825 were government officials and 52 were on Interpol’s “red list”.