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The Senate of Mexico approved the inclusion of corruption in the list of serious crimes

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The Mexican Parliament approved the inclusion of corruption in the list of crimes requiring detention during the investigation, reports TASS

The proposal of the new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, which he announced during the election campaign, was approved by 88 senators, 16 people voted against.

On 1 December, Obrador pledged in his first presidential speech to end corruption and impunity in Mexico. At the same time, he announced his intention to conduct a consultative survey of the population on the need to prosecute former heads of state for corruption crimes.

The new list of serious crimes includes corruption crimes, abuse of power, illegal enrichment, theft of fuel from pipelines, crimes against sexual integrity of minors, transportation of weapons belonging to the armed forces.

The organization for economic cooperation and development has already estimated the damage caused to Mexico by corruption at $115 billion for the year.