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Losses of the EU due to corruption exceeded 700 billion euros


Every year European Union loses about 900 billion euros from corruption. Such information was announced by the European Green Party in Germany, N-TV reported.

According to the study, the leader of corruption is Romania (15.6% of GDP). In France, the damage from bribery is 6% of GDP, in the Netherlands – 0.76%.

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index, Germany ranks 12th in the world, following the UK and Luxembourg. It is noted that Germany is losing about 104 billion euros from corruption.

The study authors provided illustrative examples and comparisons. 104 billion euros is 4% of Germany’s GDP, that is twice as much as NATO requires its members to invest in defense area. Last year Germany’s defense spending amounted to 1.2% of GDP.

This sum is also ten times higher than the federal budget spends on public housing. In addition, it is twice the cost of supporting families with children. If these 104 billion were divided among all the inhabitants of Germany, everyone would receive 1,276 euros, the party said.