Nigeria sues Shell and Eni over alleged fraud

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Nigeria filed a lawsuit in the amount of $ 1.092 billion. in the high Court of great Britain against the oil giants shell and Eni about the alleged fraud and corruption, according to “Offshore technology“.

The lawsuit concerns a license for oil production in the deep-sea area, acquired jointly by shell and Eni in 2011. It is alleged that the money used for the purchase was not transferred to Nigeria, but was transferred to the account of Malabu, an oil and gas company controlled by former Nigerian oil Minister Etete. The money was allegedly used for bribes and kickbacks.

Nigeria States that shell and Eni were engaged in looting and plotting against the country, as well as deliberately promoting corruption among Nigerian government officials.

Counsel representing Nigeria noted that the claim reflected the determination and continued efforts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to recover very significant amounts lost as a result of corruption and illegal activities of shell and Eni in the transaction.

A new estimate by the Resources for development consulting company (“RDC”) estimated that Nigeria lost $ 6 billion in potential revenue due to an unfair deal in 2011.

The report of the Fund made a proposal to resolve the conflict: shell and Eni will pay taxes to the Nigerian government, but the state will not receive royalties or participate in the distribution of oil produced.