Brazil’s President under scrutiny over suspect payments to family

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The President-elect of Brazil Air Bolsonaro attracted public attention to remittances in the amount of 300 thousand dollars, credited to the account of his wife and son. This caused concern in the government unit for financial crimes, according to the TV channel “New Asia“. 

Payment in the amount of 300 thousand dollars was made by the police officer, who served for many years as chauffeur and bodyguard Bolsonaro. He also made another transfer of $ 6,000 to his son’s account.

The future President explained this by the fact that the money was a refund is not formalized loan, which he paid his son’s assistant.

Bolsonaro shall take office January 1, 2019 after his election victory as the right anti-corruption Crusader.

We firmly hold to the fight against corruption, and, whatever happens, when I’m President, we will fight corruption using all the weapons available to the government, said Air Bolsonaro.