Singapore editor charged with defaming government

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Editor of the Singapore online edition Terry Xu was accused of defamation for publishing a letter dedicated to corruption among the leaders of the city-state, reports “The Jakarta Post“.

Singapore has long been criticized for restricting freedom of speech and other political rights, as well as for huge fines for libel. Singapore is among the least corrupt countries in the world, and its leaders are sensitive to accusations of bribery.

After Terry Xu was charged in court, the police seized his computers and other devices used to operate the website. The online publication temporarily stopped publishing, but has now returned to normal operation.

Xu faces two years ‘ imprisonment and a fine.

The author of the published letter, Danielle de Costa, Augustine, was also accused of defamation and violating the laws on computer crimes for allegedly sent the email with the email of another person who had not consented to this.

Augustine’s letter was published in September under the name “Willy Sum”. It did not mention the names of corrupt officials and did not contain any evidence of bribery.