Australia announced the establishment of an anti-corruption Commission

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has proposed the creation of a secret Federal Commission to fight corruption, according to “The Guardian“. 

The proposed integrity Commission would operate outside the public domain and the investigative body would not make public statements or hold public hearings. The Commission will transmit the recommendations directly to the prosecutors, who will make the final decisions.

The former Commissioner of The independent new South Wales anti-corruption Commission described the lack of public hearings as “highly questionable”.

Earlier, labour announced the creation of a National Commission in January. However, their proposal is significantly different from that of Morrison. Morrison puts forward a model of an independent statutory body, headed by a Commissioner and two deputies, which will operate outside the public field of view. A labour proposal opportunity takes into account public hearings when the case will be in the public interest.

Morrison argued to the Commission that the government should avoid using its name as a political tool to shape the agenda.

So it’s not a demonstration body. It’s a real project, with real resources and real teeth, – Morrison said.