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In Argentina, the applicants will pay corruption 5% of the confiscated funds

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The Argentine authorities offered a reward of 5% for the information that will help to return the money received as a result of corruption. This is a case in which former President Christina Kirchner may be accused of running a corruption scheme involving officials and business leaders.

Security Minister Patricia Bulrich signed an order according to which persons who reported “accurate information” about corruption will receive 5% of the returned money ( up to $66 thousand), reports the republic.

Such a serious measure was taken against the background of the investigation of the case against the former head of Argentina Cristina Fernández de Kirchner . For this case new proofs – “diaries of the driver”were received. The driver of one of the accused from the Ministry of planning allegedly recorded all transfers of money in which he participated. According to investigators, state officials received “bags of money” in exchange for the provision of public contracts in 2005-2015.

14 people were arrested in the case. Fernandez herself denies any wrongdoing, currently holding the post of Senator, which gives her immunity from prosecution.

The day before she declared the full non-participation in the corruption scheme which is revealed in “notebooks of the driver”. The ex-President appeared before the court in Buenos Aires, but refused to speak. Instead, she said in a written statement that the charges against Federal judge Claudio Bonadio, on which her subpoena to testify is based, are false and politically motivated.