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In Peru a corruption scandal is growing in the judicial system

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In Peru, a corruption scandal is growing after the voices of five judges are on audio recordings: the judges promise “favorable” solutions in exchange for financial incentives.

Last week, several audio recordings appeared on the Internet, where several Peruvian judges and Ministers could be heard, which could indicate corruption and embezzlement in Peru’s judicial system. The evidence is so obvious that Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra asked the Minister of justice of El Salvador Heresy to resign, AFP reports.

Martin Vizcarra last week appointed a Committee of six lawyers headed by ex-Chancellor Allan Wagner and gave them 12 days to put a proposal on judicial reform.

The audio recordings were broadcast on the website of the investigative journalist IDL-Reporteros and in the Panorama programme on Canal 5. The audio recording contains talks with members of the National Council of judges (CNM) on the appointment of judges and prosecutors and bribes for court decisions in favor of criminals and others.

On one of the published adiosapis, chief justice of the Supreme court of the province of Callao Walter Rios asks to give him the amount of money to ensure the appointment of a judge. “So, how’s the warranty, I think he should give a certain amount … As a guarantee, if nothing happens, we will return it,” he said on the record.

Walter Rios was the first person arrested in the case. This measure was executed by a court decision requested by the Prosecutor of internal Affairs Jaime velard.

Three members of the National judicial Council are believed to participate in all published recordings.

On one of the recordings, judge Caesar Hinostroza’s voice is heard, who, while discussing the criminal case of rape of a child, asks how much the accused offers to close the case. The same judge allegedly helped get someone a job in exchange for free tickets to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In a separate audio is a discussion of the trips and mentioned the President of the football Federation of Peru, Edwin Oviedo.

Hinostroza was fired on 13 July and was banned from leaving the country pending an investigation into these records. He claims he’s innocent.

Also in the network there was a conversation between former CNM President Guido Agila, who resigned after mentioning in another audio recording and businessman Mario Mendoza, in which the latter recommends the appointment of a magistrate to serve the interests of Rios.

In another entry, Aguila and Advisor Baltazar Morales talk about the previous meeting with Hector Besedilom, the representative of party of the National forces with the most votes in Congress, where he advocated the election of the Advisor Julio Gutierrez as the new President of CNM.

Recall President Martin Vizcarra was appointed after the impeachment of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Vizcarra has taken a firm position on the fight against corruption, promising to create a “Commission on the reform of the justice system” to put an end to rampant corruption in the judicial system.