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In the US, the cashier of the store “helped” in the fraud of cashing 100 million dollars

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In the Florida city of Hialeah cashier local store admitted to laundering more than $ 100 million. He cashed checks, knowing in advance that they are presented scammers. We are talking about the health checks services, mortgage and personal theft.

Federal prosecutors in Miami said that 53-year-old Evelio Suarez pleaded guilty to a median calculation of one percent of money laundering. Sentencing will take place on December 18, according to NBC Miami.

The fraudulent scheme was as follows: the criminals “steal” someone’s personal data, file a false income tax return and reimburse the payment at a local store to cash out.

According to court documents, Suarez controlled a network of shops cheque in, Heliae. From 2013 to 2015 Suarez cashed checks, and he knew that they were obtained as a result of fraudulent activity.

Suarez cashed separate fraudulent Medicare checks in excess of us $ 200,000, as well as separate checks for refunds from the us Treasury in excess of us $ 150,000.

Since Suarez knew that the funds came from illegal sources, the accused charged an additional fee in excess of the standard duty charged by the stores. He took the difference. Suarez also frequently withheld money from cheques and falsely claimed to fraudsters that the money from their cheques was frozen by banks or authorities. In total, Suarez cashed at least $ 100 million in checks.