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An official from Miami received bribes from the owner of a strip club

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The official of the American city of North Miami beach, Franz Pierre, was dismissed after his arrest on charges of corruption, including extortion of bribes from the owner of the strip club.

Member of the Board of commissioners of the city of North Miami beach Franz Pierre accused of bribery. He may also be accused of involvement in the theft of state funds intended for the implementation of the program for students, which actually did not exist.

“If someone thinks that he can use his public position as a cash crust to again take the money from the public, he should think again,” – said the Prosecutor’s office.

The Miami Herald reported that Pierre received more than $ 20,000 from Gold Strip Club owner Dean Tyler in exchange for voting for a special license to operate the club, which would allow an extension of the license to sell alcohol.

Investigators found that Pierre corresponded with Dean Tyler, the owner of the strip club Dean’s Gold, when he was in a car accident and needed money. Allegedly, after receiving a certain amount, Pierre voted to extend the license to sell alcohol two hours earlier: now allowed the sale of alcohol from 6 am to 2 am.

In addition, according to investigators, Pierre demanded from Tyler 9 thousand 865 dollars, which were to go to the program for children and families in need, of which 5 thousand 250 dollars were intended directly to the Commissioner.

Franz Pierre, who was elected in 2007, has been plagued by legal and ethical scandals over the past year. He was removed from office in January for failing to attend the Commission’s hearings for six months in the review of his health, but was later reinstated.

In may, the ethics Commission found him guilty of trying to intimidate an employee, Franz threatened her if she didn’t ignore code violations at his beach house in North Miami. He was assigned the largest of the possible penalties in the amount of 1 thousand dollars, and he also had to pay $ 500 in court costs. Pierre is currently in prison.

Earlier it became known that the owner of an alcoholic beverage store in the us state of Maryland, sentenced to 12 months and one day in a Federal prison. He also has to pay a fine in the amount of 50 thousand dollars. It was recognized that he was handing over bribes to two former Maryland legislators in exchange for their help in passing the County alcohol sales increase act on Sundays.