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China: ex – Governor of Fujian province sentenced to 16 years in prison

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Su Shulin, the former head of the people’s government of Fujian province in Eastern China, has been convicted of corruption and abuse of office. He will face a 16-year prison sentence and a fine of 3 million yuan.

The corrupt official previously held the posts of Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of Fujian province, one of the richest provinces of China on the coast, and in 2008-2009 – Director General of the Chinese national oil and gas Corporation Sinopec, Xinhua reports.

As stated in the indictment, su Shulin, by abusing his official position, acted in the interests of other people, for which he received huge bribes. The funds, which su received illegally, will be withdrawn in favor of the Treasury, such a decision was made By the second intermediate people’s court of Shanghai.

According to the court’s decision, from 1997 to 2013, su, using his official powers, benefited from lobbying the interests of third parties in total, he received funds and tangible assets in the amount of 36.22 million yuan (5.35 million dollars).

Su was arrested after inspections conducted by the Central Commission of the disciplinary inspection in the oil sector back in Shulin, the former head of a large oil companies, so his arrest attracted a lot of attention because he was the Governor of Fujian province.

A number of sources reported that law enforcement officers to combat corruption found that su helped a relative’s company to ensure the safety of Sinopec oil depot in the economic development zone of yanpu in Hainan province. In addition, the alleged Sinopec funds went to pay for shopping trips to Hong Kong for su’s wife.

Su was considered a rising star within the party leadership because of his achievements.

Recall, the President of the people’s Republic of China XI Jinping launched a broad campaign against corruption, waste and waste in the official ranks since taking office in 2012.