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The ex-President of Peru Kuczynski suspected of bribing parliamentarians

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Peru’s attorney General Pedro Chavarri has initiated a preliminary investigation into former President Pedro Pablo Kucinski and current Vice President Mercedes Araos. They are suspected of buying the votes of legislators in order to avoid impeachment.

Kuchinsky, Araos and parliamentarians Carlos Bruce, Marvin Palma, Maritza Garcia and Lucio Avila are suspected of corruption, involvement in human trafficking and membership in a criminal organization that harms the state. Former Minister of agriculture Jose Arista is also involved in the case of alleged bribery, writes Bloomberg.

Recall that in March, the Congress of Peru by a majority vote accepted the resignation of President Pedro Pablo Kuchinsky. Before that, Kuchinsky himself resigned, without waiting for a vote in Parliament on the issue of impeachment. Earlier, the former President said that the accusations of buying votes were “big lies”.

Kuchinski is also involved in another corruption case: he is accused of receiving bribes from representatives of the Brazilian construction consortium Odebrecht. His financial accounts are currently frozen. This measure, according to representatives of the court, is “urgent”, because it was found that Kuchinsky recently transferred 632 thousand dollars from his Bank accounts, and the fate of these funds is now unknown.