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Convicted ex-Peruvian President can revoke the pardon

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The Peruvian Supreme court registered a request for review of the pardon of former President Alberto Fujimori. In December 2017, Pedro Pablo Kucinski, then President of Peru, ordered the release of Alberto Fujimori, who had been imprisoned for the last eight years.

The appeal against the court’s decision on pardon was filed by relatives of the victims of several operations, which were carried out by the special services and the army at the time when Fujimori held the post of head of state, according to the portal Comercio.

In February 2018, the inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR) demanded that the Peruvian authorities cancel the Fujimori pardon, based on the fact that charges against him in extrajudicial killings and kidnappings do not imply the possibility of Amnesty. This supranational body established that the Fujimori pardon would be considered constitutionally in Peru’s domestic jurisdiction.

In December 2017, then President of Peru Pedro Pablo Kucinski decided to release from prison Alberto Fujimori, who spent the last eight years in prison. The reason for the pardon of the Peruvian leader called the state of health of his predecessor, convicted of corruption and violation of human rights. “The official medical Council has ruled that Mr. Fujimori is suffering from a progressive and incurable disease and that prison conditions pose a serious risk to his life, health and integrity. The President of the Republic, in accordance with the rights given to him by the Constitution, decided to grant a pardon on the basis of humanitarian reasons to Mr. Alberto Fujimori and seven other prisoners who are in a similar situation,” Kuchinsky said.

We will note that now Pedro Pablo Kucinski himself was under suspicion: he is accused of receiving bribes from representatives of the Brazilian construction consortium Odebrecht. In March, the court ruled that Kuchinski was banned from leaving the country for 18 months. And in July he was not allowed in the US for a medical examination.