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The Minister of internal Affairs of Peru resigned after escaping from the country ex-judge

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Peru’s President Martin Vizcarra has accepted the resignation of Minister of internal Affairs Mauro Medina once out of the country via Ecuador escaped the suspect in the corruption former Supreme court judge Сésar Hinostroza.

“Given the seriousness of the events, I decided to accept the resignation of the Minister of internal Affairs. We will not stop in our front-line fight against corruption, ” Viscarra said in his Twitter account. It is reported by Telesurtv.

Hinostroza was removed in early October from his post by Parliament on suspicion of organizing a criminal community corruption inside the highest court of the South American country. He is now in Spain, and the Peruvian authorities hope to extradite him.

The former judge had been removed from office a month earlier and was then finally dismissed by Parliament in early October after being accused of influencing cases within the larger criminal community at the highest court.

After in July, a scandal erupted with the corruption of judge Inostroza, President of Vizcarra reformed judicial and political system.

Peru’s Prime Minister, Cesar Villanueva, said at a press conference that Inostrosa left the country on Sunday, October 7, evading immigration control on the Northern border with Ecuador, and then went to the city of Guayaquil, then went to Amsterdam. From there he went to Madrid, where he asked Spain for “asylum” at the police station, but the authorities rejected his request.

“We will activate all mechanisms, both internal and external, so that we can soon capture a person who, unfortunately, had a high position as a judge in this country and became a simple criminal,” Villanueva said at a press conference.