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The wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia was arrested in the case of theft from the Fund 1MDB

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The anti-corruption Agency in Malaysia has arrested the country’s former first lady, Rosma Mansor, and she will be charged with money laundering.

The wife of Najib Razak, a former Prime Minister of Malaysia, has become a key figure in the investigation of the 1mdb scandal, which resulted in about $ 700 million stolen from the state Fund of the country, OCCRP reports.

The investigation into the 1mdb scandal revealed connections with some famous Hollywood faces. Leonardo DiCaprio and model Miranda Kerr were forced to return the gifts to Yho Lowe, the Fund’s financier and consultant. Kerr returned the jewels worth $ 8.1 million, and DiCaprio refused paintings of Basquiat and Picasso, donated by Lowe, the us Department of justice.

Is it Najib’s fault?
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak wrote a Facebook post in which he expressed his frustration with the way society treats him. “There have been all sorts of wild accusations lately. It’s easy to use the phrase: “it’s all Najib’s fault. Prices down? Najib Error. Manchester United lost? Najib Error. If it rains tomorrow and you’re late for work? Najib’s mistake, ” he wrote.

Najib himself was arrested just two weeks ago after being charged with four power abuse charges and 20 money laundering charges for his role in the 1mdb scandal. The investigation believes that high-ranking Malaysian officials stole millions of dollars from the Fund, which was established in 2009 to attract foreign investment.

Najib allegedly received 2.6 billion ringgit-about $ 628 million in bribes related to the scandal.

His message in Facebook appeared shortly after it was announced that he proposed to 1.16 million dollars man, accused of murder of the public Prosecutor of Malaysia to combat corruption – in exchange for what he pleaded guilty to murder.

The news reports say that anti-corruption Prosecutor Kevin moraish was killed after he became involved in the investigation into the 1mdb scandal, potentially affecting Najib. Najib called it”slander.” He claims to be innocent of abuse of power and allegations of money-laundering.

“It is illogical that Kevin moraish became a victim, but many others who investigated this case are still alive,” the former Prime Minister said.

According to estimates of the us Department of justice, in the period from 2009 to 2014 from the Fund 1 MDB was stolen about 4.5 billion dollars.